Topeka Nightlife

Topeka NightlifeThe people of Topeka work hard all week long. But when the weekend arrives, it's time to set aside all of the stresses, pressures and deadlines to unwind and relax with good friends. And right around the time that the sun sets, the city's nightlife comes alive. So whether you are looking for a great place to dance all night, enjoy a great meal or just relax over a few beers with friends, you're sure to find the perfect destination to suit your mood when you head out to experience Topeka's nightlife.

JW's Bar & Lounge
Sexy and sleek are the two words that best describe Topeka’s JW's Bar and Lounge. By no means is it a place where you have to really dress up, but you will draw attention to yourself if you show up in a t-shirt and shorts. Elegant and classy but not stuffy, JW's offers a great selection at the bar, excellent service and great music that make hanging out here feel like you're in some Hollywood nightlife hangout.

Address: 601 NW US Highway 24, Topeka, KS 66608 - MAP
Phone: (785) 357-8801
Web: Website

Matinee Club
If you and your friends are out and want to grab a few drinks in a truly comfortable, no-frills environment, then make your way over to Topeka's Matinee Club. Don't let the name fool you, this charmingly low-key nightlife venue is one of those places that makes little effort to draw attention to itself. Instead, the bartenders, waitresses and fellow guests all enjoy the relaxed if somewhat detached mood of the place. Come in, enjoy a few rounds, and feel like you've been at a friend's house who doesn't like to make a big deal about things, but you still manage to have a great time in his company anyway.

Address: 611 SE Carnahan Ave, Topeka, KS 66607 - MAP
Phone: (785) 234-6808
Web: Website

When you walk into Michelle's, you'll be immediately struck by the club's posh atmosphere that makes it seem like the type of place that you would see in one of Hollywood's many romantic comedies. That being said, Michelle's is in fact a great place to take a first date. The classy yet comfortable nightlife atmosphere, great service and excellent music all create the perfect backdrop against which you can get to know someone new or have a great time with the group of friends that you've known forever!

Address: 605 SW Fairlawn Road, Topeka, KS 66606 - MAP
Phone: (785) 272-8040
Web: Website