Topeka Festivals & Shows

Topeka Festivals & ShowsDon't let Topeka's seemingly staid and calm outward appearance fool you. Beneath this charming Midwestern town's straightforward and sensible exterior lies a truly infectious celebratory spirit. To say that the people of Topeka enjoy a good party is perhaps one of the biggest understatements of all time. So whether the party is all about observing cultural traditions, drawing attention to some of the area's natural beauty, or spotlighting various art forms, the party is set to happen right here in Topeka–so make plans to be at one of these festivals for all the fun!

Fiesta Mexicana
One of the biggest annual celebrations in Topeka is the Fiesta Mexicana which is put on by the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. The popular event invites all attendees to recognize the importance of the Mexican culture throughout the region. This festival has been a tradition here for more than seventy years and it presents art, dance and music that are expressions of the beauty of the Mexican culture. The event takes place every summer.

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Lake Shawnee Pow Wow
Topeka is a city that embraces cultures of all kinds. The area especially recognizes the significance of the Native American culture and history, as their contributions to the development of the area have proven to be truly immeasurable. That strong link to Topeka's history is celebrated every year with the Lake Shawnee Pow Wow. The festival is a fascinating display of traditional Native American culture expressed through various forms of both art, performance and spirituality.

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Kansas Silent Film Festival
The Kansas Silent Film Festival is by no means a quiet affair. This yearly event celebrates the art and history of silent films from all over the world. Movie makers convene here to not only offer screenings of their latest works but to also participate in panel discussions about the technical and creative aspects of movie making. This free event is held every February.

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Cider Days Fall Festival
When the leaves begin to turn color at the beginning of autumn, Topeka residents know that the Cider Days Fall Festival will be happening soon. This popular event has been held for the past 18 years and is the primary fundraiser for the American Lung Association of Kansas. This event draws guests from northern Kansas as well as the surrounding areas. Cider Days pays tribute to the pioneers who established and settled Kansas. Attractions at this popular gathering include live music, food, games, and arts and crafts.

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First Friday Artwalk
Topeka's First Friday Artwalk has grown from a mere five locations to an event that now features over 30 stops of amazingly compelling works. Various exhibits are displayed along the way, and the Art Walk map just keeps growing, as does this increasingly popular event. Topeka's reputation as an art town is advancing with every one of these well-attended Art Walk events. So make plans to enjoy some eye-catching creations as you stroll along and enjoy this monthly community event that takes place in Topeka's friendly downtown area.

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